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About Five Senses NUADU

Five Senses NUADU is an innovative digital solution for personalised learning and assessment.

Five Senses NUADU is a formative, summative, and normative digital assessment platform with supplementary features that enhance learning. Flexible and adaptive but teacher led.

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Features Highlight

Automatic Marking & Instant Feedback

Exercises are auto-marked, giving students instant feedback and educators helpful analytics including grade distribution, average mark per question and individual student responses.

Formative assessment

Learning progress can be measured regularly as often as daily when students practise with bite-size exercises.

Powerful analytics

Out of the box showing strengths and weaknesses against the Australian Curriculum, applicable State Curriculum and Learning Progressions

Share lessons and resources with your students

Share your own lessons, videos and other resources directly to your students' dashboard.

Use on any device

NUADU is web-based and can be used on any device. Also available on iOS and Android mobile apps.

Link with your Google of Office 365 accounts (integrated with Microsoft Teams).

Primary and Secondary Content for Key Learning Areas

Primary English

30 units of work per grade
3 levels of difficulty

Years 1-6

Primary Maths

3 complete courses:
- Practising Maths
- Practising Problem Solving
- Understanding Maths

Years 1-6

Secondary English

Years 7-10

Secondary Maths

Secondary Maths Core Content
Understanding Maths
Full topic-by-topic coverage

Years 7-10

Signpost Maths

Secondary Maths Additional Content
Signpost Maths published by Pearson Australia

Years 7-10

Secondary Science



Coming soon


Formative Practice Tests


Writing, Reading Comprehension
English skills

Years 3-6 & 7-10

Content providers

Quality Australian content prepared by Australian teachers

Five Senses Education

Five Senses Education is an Australian publisher and distributor, providing innovative educational resources for students, teachers and primary and secondary schools.

Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press Australia and New Zealand publishes bestselling learning materials for primary, secondary and higher education students. Topic by topic Australian Curriculum maths assessments for years 2 to 6 formerly published as Oxford Maths Assess: Assessment Of and For Learning will be available on the Five Senses NUADU platform from June 2020.

Phoenix Education

Phoenix Education is a secondary and tertiary Australian publishing house, specialising in English, Drama, Maths and History student and teaching resources.

Primary Education Books

Primary Education Books has produced mathematics and spelling books that have met the needs of many thousands of Australian students for thirty years. It specialises in material catering for students from Years 2 – 6. The books have been carefully written to meet the wide-ranging needs of all students in the classroom.

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